Reviewing your prescription one step at a time, easily and safely.



If you are not sure about what information to enter here, no worries! You can look on the lens packaging and retrieve the information. If you are ordering contacts without vision correction, the default values on the form are most common. You may also send a digital copy of your prescription by clicking the ‘upload prescription’ button.
(only jpeg,png,gif and pdf are accepted)


In order to verify your prescription, we are required by law to contact your prescriber by phone, fax or email. If he or she doesn’t reply within 8 business hours, your prescription is automatically verified and we can release the lenses to you. If you don’t know the contact information of your doctor, we have a drop-down menu with a list of optometrists carrying the PRIMAL brand. There, you will likely find his or her information to complete the form. Otherwise, fill in the form with the information you remember and we will find him or her for you.
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